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Holy Fucking ShitBalls: Christian pastor challenges Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to $20,000 debate on marriage equality



Evangelical pastor Bill Keller has challenged Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly to a $20,000 debate on same-sex marriage after he said he was ‘fine’ with it – claiming he can prove that it is wrong using only the Bible
Fox News host Bill O'Reilly
Photo: Justin Hoch

Let the infighting begin!



California Attorney General Makes The Case For Equality (by ThinkProgress TP)

“And it is one thing to read the polls, which we have discussed which show again that a majority of Americans are in favor of same sex marriage, but it is more important to read the Constitution. And the Constitution of the United States dictates, I believe, under every court precedent that we have discussed in terms of describing marriage as a fundamental right that the same-sex couples that are before the United states supreme court — Mrs. Windsor, Miss Perry — be allowed to have equal protection under the laws as any Americans when it comes to their ability to join themselves with their loving partners in marriage and raise their children. And 61% of Californians are in favor of same-sex marriage.”

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